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About Blue Peak

Who We Are


Protecting What's Yours

Intellectual Property Experts

We are a dedicated team of seasoned attorneys with ten decades of combined experience litigating high-stakes intellectual property disputes involving patents, copyrights and trade secrets. Every member of our team has litigated a broad range of technologies, including software, biotechnology, life sciences, pharmaceuticals, computer sciences, semiconductor patents, and emerging technologies. We represent clients across the globe, and appear in front of tribunals across the nation. Our operations are based in New York, California, Texas, Idaho, and Tennessee.

Our Mission at Blue Peak Law
Brand Mission of Blue Peak


We are here to provide freedom and peace of mind to our clients when it matters most. We do this by providing unmatched expertise and the highest level of protection for their business interests.



Partner Led

Big Law Born

Our partners all hail from big law firms, and have extensive experience litigating high-stakes intellectual property cases. Every member of our group has extensive trial and appellate experience.


We have appeared in front of every important tribunal for patent cases, including key district courts like the Eastern District of Texas, Western District of Texas, Northern District of California, and District of Delaware, as well as the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB).  Our lawyers have also clerked and litigated in the nation’s top appellate courts, including the Federal Circuit, the D.C. Circuit, and the Supreme Court.

But unlike big firms, whose partners may only provide hands-on service once the case has reached the trial phase, our partners are involved at every stage of your case. Does this cost you more? No! Due to our efficiency model, your fees will be significantly lower than that incurred working with big law firms.

Big Law Firm IP Attorneys
Litigation Efficiency at Blue Peak

Built for the Future

Efficiency Minded

Despite the fact that you will have partners with experience at the world’s most prestigious firms providing hands-on service and staying highly involved in your case, our fees will be a fraction of what larger firms charge. 

Unlike big firms, we are a digital-only law group, meaning your fees don’t go to paying exorbitant office leases, utilities or other unnecessary fees. Every dollar you spend is maximized by our internal efficiency.

Plus, we offer flexible fee arrangements like flat and contingent fees, designed to meet the budgetary concerns of our clients.

Science Focused

Tech Specialized

Our partners have technical degrees or advanced technical degrees, and have litigated intellectual property disputes across a range of scientific disciplines, including chemistry, computer engineering, biotechnology, life sciences, pharmaceuticals, software, and beyond.


This matters because it allows us to service a broad range of clients across tech-based industries, such as pharmaceuticals, computer sciences, and semiconductor patents. Our partners earned their technical degrees and their law degrees at some of the most prestigious schools in the country, including Stanford, Yale, MIT, Columbia, St. John’s, Villanova, University of Texas, Cornell, UCLA, Dartmouth, and University of Chicago.

Tech Specialized Trial Attorneys at Blue Peak
Federal Circuit and Supreme Court Appeals

With You, Start to Finish

Service Optimized

Unlike some firms, we provide services for every aspect of your case, from diligence and pre-litigation advising to post grant proceedings to district court litigations and appeals.


We are well-equipped to take cases to trial; each member of our team has trial experience, and our group has collectively tried dozens of cases. And unlike larger firms which separate appellate attorneys into a disjointed departments, our trial attorneys also have extensive appellate experience, including in the Federal Circuit and the Supreme Court.  Our team has handled more than 50 IPRs.

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